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Have You Used AI at Work?

AI is Replacing the Old Working Style

AI Data Extract is a plugin developed around this core feature, allowing users to use AI plugin to speed up the work in Google Drive.

Let AI Data Extract to Process The Large Amount of Data For You!

AI Data Extract is user-friendly and easy to use. Just upload your images and PDF files to Google Drive and AI Data Extract will process the data into text and extract the information your require into a Google Sheets. It automates your manual data entry tasks.

Let AI Help You To Key-in!


Upload → Check → Finish!

AI Data Extract can do 80% of your key-in work, just double-check.


Different Type Resume Is OK

AI Data Extract extracts required info from resumes into a spreadsheet, even if they are in different formats.


Sort Invoice Efficiently

Manual invoice entry is slow and error-prone. Use AI Data Extract to speeds up and improves accuracy.


Cards Uploaded And Saved

Sales people can now take photos of business cards, upload them, and let AI Data Extract to organize them.

Mail Clerk

Sign For Mail Without Entry

Mail receivers manually check sender and recipient info. AI Data Extract automates the checking and reduce the errors.


Sorting Quotation Faster

Upload PDF and let AI Data Extract to extract the information to Google Sheets. Finish in seconds for tasks that requires hours!

Make AI Your AssistantInstall For Free Now

Relax And Enjoy The Convenience Of AI Technology!

Let AI Technology To Do Your Work With One Click

AI Data Extract combines AI technology of Google and Vertex AI which runs in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). You can simply add this plugin as an add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Files Stored Locally For Safety and Security

Your data is uploaded and downloaded via your Google Drive. You can think of it as a pipeline. Your data is not stored or shared during the processing process. It is secure and you do not need to be concerned about it being collected or used for other purposes.


How long would it take to install the AI Data Extract? Should I fill any personal information to add this plugin?

About 10 seconds.
You can start using it as soon as you finish installing. There is no need to fill in any personal details.

Will the data upload to Google Drive can be seen by anyone?

Rest assured, we are unable to view or download your file. Your file will be stored in your company’s cloud database. TS Cloud will not be able to access it.

Will AI Data Extract learn my data?

No, AI Data Extract is a channel, not a database. It stores only account-specific information (domain, email, deposit amount, and click-through rate). You can use it with confidence!

Does AI Data Extract consume the Google Drive storage space?

AI Data Extract will not take up your Google Drive storage. It is designed as an application or you can see it as an extension that processes your actions towards your needs.

Does AI Data Extract consume my computer’s space?

AI Data Extract is a plugin, not an app, so it won’t take up the storage space on your computer. Install it directly from the website.

Who can I contact about any issue while using the AI Data Extract?

You can submit your query via this form and our Specialist will contact you for assistance.

How will I receive the invoice?

You’ll get the invoice in PDF form via email.

Is there an expiration for the purchased prepaid plan?

The prepaid plan has no expiration date where you can activate to use it at any time.

Will I get refund for unused documents?

No. Before purchasing, it is recommended to install the free trial version and choose the most suitable plan as per your need.

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